Roll-off Dumpsters

roll off dumpsters in bakersfieldThe roll off dumpsters usually are the dumpsters having an open-top, their chief characteristic being their rectangular footprint and the wheels which facilitate in the rolling of the trash in different places. This dumpster is typically designed to be transported via the specialized roll-off trucks. The roll-off dumpsters generally are used for containing loads of commercial junk, such as demolition or construction garbage or the other different types of waste. Most of these types of dumpsters have a swinging door at the end for easy waste disposal; however, some of them do not contain the open-top design and are instead used in combination with commercial trash compactors or industrial ones.

The construction debris might originate from the construction site where there is ongoing construction, renovation, or demolition. The roll-off dumpsters are also used in different jobs requiring much more material to be dumped off. This dumping material might be taken to be recycled, to a landfill, incinerated, or disposed of/recovered in some different way. After the dumpster has been picked up, it is then taken to a facility for disposal. Here it is weighed for gross weight and tare weight. This difference in the form of net weight is used for the calculation of the charges to the customer. For greater efficiencies, many companies pre-record loads of dumpsters and trucks. This allows for the tare weight to be looked up and thus eliminated the requirement for the second weighing.