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Yellow Dump Truck to dumpster rental in bakersfieldA dumpster rental service, as the name enacts is a rental service for a temporary dumpster. It is quite like the moving companies, where you book a moving truck for the move. The premise is the same but the difference comes in the content, the moving truck takes stuff from a place to another for moving, the dumpster rental drops off a dumpster and then you fill it up with trash. However, the central concept of it all remains the same, we book a dumpster rental service, and the company will drop it off at the site for us to fill it up. From there, it is a comfortable ride. We can either fill it up ourselves, or we can have the company return to pick it up, there is also the option of having the company load it up for us.

There are too many advantages in choosing a dumpster rental service when we have loads of stuff; we need to get rid of it. With the concept of a dumpster rental, not only do we not have to about how we are going to take out all the junk ourselves, but we also get the complete surety that it will be taken care of appropriately. Almost all the garbage collection companies try to salvage anything they can from the dumpster so they can be donated and kept out of landfills.

Our Services

Residential Dumpster

Residential Dumpster in front of home bakersfield

The residential dumpster is designed in such a way that they hold all the debris and the trash created because of remodeling, cleaning, moving, and renovations. These dumpsters provide us the peace of mind that we can start with our restoration of the house without worrying about the trash.

Commercial Dumpster

commercial dumpsters are one of the most common dumpsters

Commercial dumpsters are very common, and we can typically spot them at places like gas stations, parking lots, and restaurants. The commercial dumpsters usually are rented on a permanent base and have a regular pickup schedule for emptying them via dump trucks.

Construction Dumpster

Construction site produce lots of thing to dump so you must need to use dumpster

The construction dumpsters are the most common dumpsters visible on the construction sites. They are large and have open-tops, serving a multitude of purposes and are mostly rented by the construction companies temporarily.

Roll-Off Dumpster

roll off dumpsters is an open-top dumpster

The roll off dumpsters is an open-top dumpster, mostly used for commercial and residential projects like home cleanouts, demolitions, and construction jobs.

A specially made roll-off truck is used for delivering and picking up the dumpster.

Junk Removal

dumps the junk bakersfield

Junk removal service is a bit more extensive than the standard waste disposal company.

The junk removal services are customarily called on for comprehensive jobs such as home renovations, cleaning out the house, or basements cleanup.

Dumpster Sizes

Dumpster Sizes bakersfield
The dumpster sizes are the key identifier of dumpster rental services. Having a good idea of the dumpster size makes the job easier and quicker without calling for a second dumpster. We have hard-earned professionals who have the knowledge of every type of capacity required for every activity. Confused about whether you need a 25-yard dumpster or a 40 yard one, then you have come to the right place.

About Us

Bakersfield Dumpster Rental is the pioneer in the field of dumpster rental. With years of experience and expertise, we have the capacity and skill to satisfy your dumpster rental requirements. Need a consult on which size of dumpster you require, or you are confused whether you need a stationary dumpster or a roll-off, our professionals can help you in solving that dilemma.

Determining Dumpster Sizes

The main problem that comes when thinking of renting a dumpster is the size of the dumpster required. Therefore, to figure out the size of the dumpster needed to borrow, the following are the ideas to narrow down the process.

The Type of Project

The size of the dumpster rental depends a whole lot on the type of job we require for it. If we expect it during a renovation of the house, then it is evident that we are going to need a larger surface area required if it was just getting rid of some small furniture items. Trying to determine the overall scale of the project is a more natural way to know the size of the dumpster required, before reaching out to the dumpster removal company. Through this, the company will help in reaching the right direction.

Taking Inventory of What Needs to be Thrown Away

The hardest of the jobs is figuring out the dumpster rental size for a pre-move cleanup. These situations require a different approach, via taking inventory of the specified items that need to go into the dumpster. This way is the best approach to anticipating the size of the dumpster required for rent.

There is no need to start pulling stuff out of the closet at the start; in the beginning, it is better to go through it zone by zone or room by room, closet by closet, and such. Taking a mental inventory of the stuff we are going to get rid of helps a lot. Then move on to the second phase of the stock, does the list have larger items or bulky ones such as furniture, rugs or say appliances. Is the cleanup of the yard part of the cleanup during the house cleanup? By keeping these questions in mind, we can decide the size of the dumpster rental we require. The more items there are larger the items, the bigger the size of the dumpster we will need to rent.

Asking for the on-site inventory

An on-site inventory for estamating dumpster sizeNo one has any idea on the size of the dumpster rental better than people renting them out to us in the first place. The choice of a company for dumpster rental depends on a few questions, the main one being whether they cover on-site inventories. It is surprising how many would be willing to come to our property and evaluate the service we require and provide recommendations on the process and the size of the dumpster.

An on-site inventory does not mean that there is the guarantee that we would need that exact dumpster size; they are just estimating. If we start adding more stuff to throw and the dumpsters are not big enough, then it is on us to cover the cost of the back-up dumpster.

Renting a Smaller Dumpster:

Sometimes the size of the dumpster is much smaller than we thought. It is alright; we make mistakes, and even though sometimes the error is renting a dumpster too small for our requirement. In cases like these, there are specific standard methods that we could adopt.

Disposal cost increment:

We might be able to squeeze twenty-five cubic yards rate of the junk and dump in a twenty cubic yard dumpster, but by doing this, we will be charged an added fee due to exceeding the limit of the load.

Getting a switch out:

A switch out is a process in the dumpster rental company when the company comes and picks up the filled dumpster and replaces it with a new empty one. The price is charged for the initial dumpster rental and the additional dumpster that was swapped.

Other Factors Determining Dumpster Size

size of the dumpster rental service we wouldAt this point, we have a pretty good idea of what size of the dumpster rental service we would require and how to go through the process of figuring out the format we need. But before booking a dumpster rental, we must keep these other factors in our mind as well:

We cannot put just any item in the rental dumpster:

The rule of thumb for the general dumpster rental is the if we can fit it, they will take it, though this rule does not apply to everything. Obviously, some materials are not allowed and especially hazardous material. This includes everything that is toxic or flammable, chemical solvents, old cans of gasoline or paint cans, oil drums, and tanks.

Varying Costs:

As discussed previously, the cost of renting a dumpster varies greatly depending on the size of the dumpster required and the duration. The most significant factor in the determination of the price comes in the form of the space we ultimately fill up in the rental dumpster.

Truck Hauling, Another Alternative:

Sometimes we need junk removal but are not aboard the idea of a dumpster living on our site. There is another option for that problem, and we can consider the idea of booking a haul truck instead of going for the accessible dumpster rental. The service is offered by a lot of companies that provide rental services for dumpsters. It has the advantage of visiting the property with the dumpster fixed on the back of the truck. The company fills it up and then dumps it all in one single sweep.

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